Simon Hartley Business of Quantum, Cybersecurity, and Mobility

Simon Hartley - business of quantum, cybersecurity, and mobility

Simon Hartley is an alum of successful startups and Fortune 100 companies, an expert in the business of quantum, cybersecurity, and mobility He is based in the Washington DC metro area.
  • Experienced in startup and Fortune 100 enterprise software management, sales, and marketing.
  • Skilled at scaling emerging technology, products, and IP in early and highly regulated markets.
  • Top 25 thought leader and influencer in the business of quantum, cybersecurity, and mobility.
Past end customers
Past end customers
Simon joined Quantinuum to support North American Cybersecurity Sales & Business Development in 2022.
  • Startup advisor, published author, and public speaker.
  • US citizen and CISSP, with a BSc in Physics, MS in Law & Cybersecurity, and MBA degrees.
  • Continuing education with Doctor of Technology classes.
Public speaker
Simon Hartley TNN DC Speaker SAE Simon Hartley TNN DC SAE Presenter
Published author
“I have been captivated by innovation since first setting eyes on a computer. I love adding value to businesses with technology, communication, and teamwork. My strengths are problem solving, analysis, and constant learning in the highly dynamic markets around emerging technologies."
Cybersecurity for Commercial Vehicles. Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs
Industry certifications
Member of InfraGard - a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector for the protection of US Critical Infrastructure.

Simon Hartley CCISO Certified Chief Information Security Officer Certified Ethical Hacker CISSP Certificaton CISM Certiification CIPP/US Certification